The Pole Dance Theatre Trash directed by Julia Irinina


Video-report on the Interregional Exclusive workshop and on the Show in our new theatre from the Dance studio "Trash" by Julia Irinina

Dear friends! We share with you a summer mood! Our video clip from the two-day Exclusive workshop in the Show-studio Trash! It was unforgettable! Get our energy! Thanks to all the cities that came visiting us! Surgut, Kiev, Helsenki, Yaroslavl, Vladimir Novgorod, Cherepovets, Moscow, Yoshkar-Ola, and colleagues from St. Petersburg. We are always happy to see new faces in our studio! We are waiting for you in next times! And wait for the next Exclusive workshop from the Show-studio Trash
Julia Irinina and Team TRASH!

Interregional Exclusive Pole Dance workshop from Pole Dance Theatre "Trash" by Julia Irinina from Julia Irinina on Vimeo.

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Outcomes of the workshops from Pole Dance Theatre Trash and Show by Trash in our new Theatre! on February 16-17 2013 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)!

That was a two-day workshop from Show-studio Trash in St. Petersburg and Show by Trash in our new theatre! We thank all the participants for an endless supply of energy, which we got! Very soon there will be photo and video report MK and Show, and expect a report on TV. Always looking for new guests and open-minded! Next, Our workshops from Trash to cities in Russia and to cities of the World! Now - we go to you! See you soon! More reviews about the workshop here

Exclusive workshop from The Pole Dance Theatre Trash!

Pole Dance Theatre Trash directed by Julia Irinina invites you to an exclusive workshop! You will have an unforgettable experience, while working with educators Trash, winners of the Russian and world championships. You will also take in atmosphere of the show in the pole-theatre Trash! Do not worry about your level. Your wishes are important for us. All levels and abilities are welcome!

Dear amateurs, professionals and spectators who are in love with the Pole dance!

We glad to present The show dance studio "TRASH" and the First in Russia "The Air dance and pole dance theater Trash". We breathe and live in the rhythm of the dance! We dance to life! We are breaking stereotypes! Our area of dreams and flying open and we are waiting for you! Dream with us

Our team offers you an unforgettable show! The show will decorate your event.

We are:
Julia Irinina
Veronika Mikhailova
(Veronichka Trash)
Erika Iakovleva
Marina Bogomolova (Kira)
Trifonova Olga
and others!..

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We offer:
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Aerial hoop
Aerial Silks
Aerial Loops
Chinese Pole and Aerial Chinese Pole
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