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"Trash" is a protest against stereotypes, frames and rules, against social norms and polished Masscult.

In the world, where people don’t strive for being different, want to be similar, wear the same clothes (which they saw in the same fashion magazines) and eat the same food ( which they saw in the same commercial on the same TV channel and of the same brand), step the same dances seeing on MTV. I's becoming bored in such world. And then "Trash" appears – the same Masscult but is carried to an absurdity and turned inside out.

And more specifically…..This style is tasteless, only for whose who are trapped with frames and rules in their lives. That’s why frames and rules are unacceptable for "Trash" at all, and not only in dance.

Some history:

"Trash" culture is inextricably connected with White Trash. This word came into common use in America and refers to White trash of the society, people who rejected society and American mass culture. They paid a great attention to what that was considered as ill taste, vulgarity and trash by ordinary people. It was not that they rejected mass culture, they had been living with it, but only in reversed meaning. They did everything vice versa.

By itself, "Trash" – art is not bad or unacknowledged art. "Alternative art" that is conformable with "arte povera" and opposite to commercial mainstream, it will more likely suit it. Attraction of trash-art is explained by its brutal energy, its unpredictability. Within its context mistakes often look like enlightenment. Now we can comprehend its essence which includes irony over the surrounding world and its standards.

Our dance school "Trash" presents this movement. Protest movement. Interaction of "trash" and glamour means conflict of their identity and deconstruction of the last. Glamour assumes features of "Trash": aggressiveness, clumsiness, marginality. At the same time "Trash" widely uses poetic of Glamour mocking and sabotaging it.

Clash of bodacious, shocking "Trash", its irony and unpredictability, its brutal energy and conflits with Glamour standards – standards of luxury and pathos, can not but arouse interest.

"Trash" is a choice of impudent, vivid people searching for themselves! So let’s search together?? I’m waiting for everybody, answering all your questions, getting into discussions and just intercommunicating! Reveal yourself!
пишите все что хочется.

"Trash" in dance – our soul turned inside out. And we'll turn inside out to all spectators!

There are no frames and rules for “Trash” at all! We live with beauty. And let it be like you want!

Dance school "Trash" of Julia Irinina - To dance like to breathe!

To make the first step it's easy! And we’ll help with the rest. We don’t have fears, we don’t have doubts, we are here for each other!

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