The Show Pole Dance Studio.

Dance like breathe!

Breathe to live!!

Live like dance!!!

The studio "Trash" locates at the address of Moskovskiy prospekt 109 building 3 . It's 2 minutes by walk from Moskovskie Vorota metro station, And we are always here


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January'19, 2015 !!! Welcom to our new studio!....

Dear customers! We thank you for your patience and trust! We are pleased to introduce our new dancing space, which is located at Moskovskiy Prospekt 109, building 3, floor 2. For you: new, bright, comfortable and spacious room, with dressing room and shower, 2 minutes from the subway. We are waiting for absolutely everyone, no matter what your profession, age is not important, it is only important that you have the desire. Do not doubt! Come on! Phone 8-921-950-46-48

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Открытие нового зала Trash from Julia Irinina on Vimeo.

Julia Irinina present from Julia Irinina on Vimeo.

Trifonova Olga - Winner of the Minutes of Fame (Talent Show) ." 8 season (Student of Trash Pole Dance Studio)

Trifonova Olga - Winner of the Minutes of Fame (Talent Show) ."(Student of Trash Pole Dance Studio). Trifonova Olga. Show Studio Trash by Julia Irinina. Final of "Minutes of Fame "Road to Olympus" - wins Russian Talent

Trifonova Olga. Show-Studio Trash by Julia Irinina. Final of "Minutes of Fame "Road to Olympus" - wins Russian Talent from Veronika Mikhailova Pole Trash on Vimeo.

Trifonova Olga. Show-Studio Trash by Julia Irinina. Semifinal of "Minutes of Fame "Road to Olympus"

Trifonova Olga. Show-Studio Trash by Julia Irinina. Semifinal of "Minutes of Fame "Road to Olympus" from Veronika Mikhailova Pole Trash on Vimeo.

Trifonova Olga. Show-Studio Trash by Julia Irinina. Qualifying round of "Minutes of Fame "Road to Olympus"

Для всех любителей и профессионалов танца на пилоне! 30-го ноября 2013 в 19.45 в 11-м отборочном туре Минуты Славы "Дорога на Олимп" выступит Трифонова Оля (Шоу-студия Юлии Ирининой Трэш). Эта девочка в свои 11 лет уже многим доказала, что пилон - это настоящее искусство и спорт. Она стала победителем в Лондоне на мировом чемпионате 2013 Pole sport и двукратным чемпионом России: Краснодар, Золотой пилон 2013 и Санкт-Петербург Miss pole dance Russia 2012. И она готова покорить новые вершины и сердца! В судействе Владимир Жириновский, Лидия Скобликова, Лариса Гузеева, Александр Масляков. Что же, давайте болеть! Что скажут представители власти, заслуженные артисты и спортсмены России?.. Пилон от Ольги Трифоновой на 1м канале!!!

Trifonova Olga. Show-Studio Trash by Julia Irinina. "Minutes of Fame "Road to Olympus" Selection round from Veronika Mikhailova Pole Trash on Vimeo.

Межрегиональная организация по спорту и танцу на пилоне

Шоу-Студия Танцев Трэш Юлии Ирининой является:
-Представителем Межрегиональной организации по спорту и танцу на пилоне,
-Организатор конкурсов.
-Готовит спортсменов на Мировые, Европейские и Российские чемпионаты
-Организатор масштабных воздушно-акробатических шоу-программ для мероприятий городского, европейского и международного уровня!

10 летняя чемпионка мира Оля Трифонова - Студия танцев Trash

10 летняя чемпионка мира Оля Трифонова (Студия танцев Trash) и опытная Оона Кивела

Новые Детские группы

Внимание! Внимание! Внимание, Родители!!! Открыт набор в новую группу танцев на пилоне и стретчинга для детей и подростков (от 9 до 15лет)! В Воскресенье 12-00 - Pole Dance и стретчинг для детей и подростков (9-15) На абонементы для детей и подростков действует скидка 20% Если же вы покупаете абонемент себе и ребенку, то скидка на абонемент ребенка 50% Подробности акции у администратора и по телефону 950-46-48 Обязательно записывайтесь по телефону 950-46-48 Открываем группы по заполнению! Ждем вас в TRASH!!! Московский проспект 109 корп 3 (2-й этаж) (ст.м. Московские Ворота - 1 минута от метро)

Video-report on the Interregional Exclusive workshop and on the Show in our new theatre from the Dance studio "Trash" by Julia Irinina

Dear friends! We share with you a summer mood! Our video clip from the two-day Exclusive workshop in the Show-studio Trash! It was unforgettable! Get our energy! Thanks to all the cities that came visiting us! Surgut, Kiev, Helsenki, Yaroslavl, Vladimir Novgorod, Cherepovets, Moscow, Yoshkar-Ola, and colleagues from St. Petersburg. We are always happy to see new faces in our studio! We are waiting for you in next times! And wait for the next Exclusive workshop from the Show-studio Trash
Julia Irinina and Team TRASH!

Interregional Exclusive Pole Dance workshop from Pole Dance Theatre "Trash" by Julia Irinina from Julia Irinina on Vimeo.

Our partners: POLE4YOU

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Exclusive workshop from Pole Dance Theatre "Trash"!

Pole Dance Theatre Trash directed by Julia Irinina invites you to an exclusive workshop! You will have an unforgettable experience, while working with educators Trash, winners of the Russian and world championships. You will also take in atmosphere of the show in the pole-theatre Trash! Do not worry about your level. Your wishes are important for us. All levels and abilities are welcome!

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The gift for everybody from The Pole Dance studio TRASH!
Starring: Julia Irinina and Veronichka Trash (Veronika Mikhailova)

The world is beautiful exactly as much as you perfect! Our autumn is warm and bright! Be in style Trash!

Julia Irinina

The first air dance and pole dance Theatre "Trash" Present show "Cinemamania" directed by Julia Irinina

We take orders for celebration show! Exclusive program is made individually for each order. For reservations date and on all questions mail to:


What is a pole dance? Says Expert! Julia Irinina!.

The Pole Dance Studio ‘’TRASH’’ invites all-comers, guys and girls, without regard to age, status and world view. Our dance studio is sport, socializing, rest, skills and a lot of fun. Here, practicing pole-dance you will get rid any complexes, create gorgeous body of which men and women will be admiring. The teachers of our dance school are prizewinners of the Russian and International Pole Dance and Fitness Competitions. They will give no quarter and make you to work flat out so that you never expect from yourself!

The Pole Dance Studio ‘’TRASH’’ - for anyone who wants to dance with soul. The body as an instrument of expression of feelings. Breathe, fall in love, dance!

Discover yourself:

Pole-dance и pole-fitnes

Танец на пилоне и фитнес на пилонеWe always want to have a friend on whom you can rely. So, don’t be shy, hang on his neck, twist his brain, jump on his head, grip him as hard as you can. He’ll be happy, don’t make him being bored in the corner, he’s waiting for your, he’s all yours. “Trash” on pole.


Трэш на пилонеA crazy lesson of pole frills. Besides that this lesson will widen your ideas about human potential, you will surprise yourself with wideness of your eyes, speed with which your jaw dropped and loudness of ohs and ahs!


Trash danceA driving lesson with using musical special effects, sounds and noises, where you play up movements and work for a spectator. You'll learn to snap eyes at as well as move with ears.

Strip plastic

Пластика на пилоне, растяжкиThese are all you have inside of each of us, but somehow it shies to go out for a walk. This is the most natural and simple way to find yourself. After all we are all cats in heart, and the main thing is to know what sort of one. So, prick up small claws, and fluffing tails come to us, to our "Trash" strip.

Go-Go dance

go-go danceA dance for club chicks. For one who coming to a club start to twitch with heels to the music which D.J. plays. After Go-Go lessons you can come to a club confidently, come to a bar saying "Whisky and cola, please" or "I want Margarita" and swinging the hips go to a dance-floor confidently. And, oh my Gosh! You are the star of the dance-floor! We are waiting for you at our “Trash” & Go!


РНБAlso is a south shaking dance, but with another country of origin. The dance that cames to us from dark-skinned Gods, so beautiful and different. You will know such parts of body which you can hardly suspect at this lesson. Shake at R&B.

Dance Hall

Dance HallAn amazing shaking dance style, shake out a kilogram at the end of each lesson. And all this is accompanied with summer motives and cheerful summer dresses. For those who miss warmth and sun in our city, we are waiting for you at our mind-trash-blowing dance hall!


Стрейчинг, растяжкиThis is a lesson where such figures as "British flag" stretching, convolution like a ram’s horn, position “head-legs, legs-head” are made, and also develops capability to assembly at the end of the lesson, because the brain rejects sending a signal to that limb which is on another corner of the hall. Trashtretching!


АкробатикаIf you before thought that space has three dimensions, so after this lesson you would change your mind. All quantity of lines, diagonals and circles you make in the hall will exceed figure “3”. And the eyes which take elongate oval shape looking at a teacher will give you unforgettable images in the evenings for a long time. Learn the word in “Trash” style.

Our instructors

Professional and experienced "Trash” – Gurus, participants and prizewinners of numerous competitions of Russia, they are beautiful, impetuous, expressive. They will make you to feel truly beautiful, to feel ecstasy in dance, show you what unlimited potential has you body.

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